Tomas Saraceno______biospheres

I think that the aims and interactions between disciplines must be continuously re-invented for each specific context. We have to try to activate a process of re-actualization in relation to ever changing contexts, to therefore find a feedback for a faster process of communication, capable of imagining more elastic and dynamic rules._______Maybe we can learn from the principle of ecology as a system of cohabitation of different cultural areas. This would help us to understand the need for a principle of cooperation. It is a system based on an entity-principle of______”networks” (all the living systems communicate between themselves and share areas of research),_______ “cycles” (all the living organisms are fed with a continuous flux of substances and energy from their environment in order to survive and all those organisms produce a surplus that becomes usable for other species. In this way the substance is always in circulation through this network of life),_________ “partnership” (the exchange of energy and resources in an eco-system is supported by a pervasive cooperation. Life on the planet is supported by the principles of cooperation, partnership and networking),________ “diversity” (an ecosystem gains the stability through the richness and complexity of its own ecologic network. The bigger the biodiversity the bigger the resistance),__________ “dynamic balance” (an ecosystem is flexible, is a network in continuous flux. Its flexibility is the consequence of multiple feedbacks that keep the system in a status of dynamic balance. Not a single variable is maximized, all the variables are floating around their optimal values)._________ It would be interesting to obtain this kind of system of relations among art, architecture and science. (Conversation with Tomas Saraceno, Luca Cerizza and pinksummer:


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