Will Ryman’s exhibit titled Anyone and No One consists of a 90-foot figure lying against the perimeter of the  gallery walls; [it is] unclear whether he is sleeping or dying. The figure is made up of 250 pairs of shoes for the shirt and 30,000 bottle caps make up the arms, hands, and feet. The sculpture/installation, titled Everyman, seems to open up through the figure’s head into the next room where a labyrinth has been created out of 200,000 paintbrushes stacked on top of one another. [We are left to wonder with amazement if this organic path is intended as a trip through the Everyman’s brain.]

[As for] Ryman’s Bird, this 12-foot high, 16-foot wide sculpture is made with 1500 actual and fabricated nails and weighs two tons. [Its confinement within the walls of the gallery may induce some to question if the Bird is caged.]


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