hyperallergic: Stevie Famulari’s new Green Line series — currently on view at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota — has fashioned five “elegant” garments (an opera gown, an asymmetrical gown, a lawn coat, a wedding gown and a laced gown) that are seeded with living … Continue reading

devidsketchbook: Artist Jeanne Opgenhaffen  ”How the wind blows”

“Starry Night”, Light Installations by Lee Eunyeol.

Eunyeol will be showing this series of photos at the Gana Art Space in Seoul starting this week. (via)

Martin Roth creates a situation —and that situation inevitably, in the words of the artist, “takes on a life on its own”. Sometimes this work can be uncanny because it defies expectations and the inanimate turns animate right before the viewer’s eyes – in a sense his art comes alive. In Martin’s constructed landscapes, animal and plant life takes center stage. By bringing nature into the gallery, Roth challenges the viewer to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world.

By bringing the lawn indoors he plays with the notion of how nature has been already domesticated. The grass will grow upwards towards the artificial sun for a few weeks, and then die as its roots fail to find essential nutrients in their soilless environs.

In the Islamic religion everything is symbolic of the wisdom of the creator. Islamic carpets often depict gardens; in Muslim belief, the woven wool representation is of the same symbolic order as an actual soil and leaf garden.  All things here, be they natural phenomena, or representations, are expressions of spiritual wonders there. “Here in this carpet lies an ever-lovely spring.”